The Crude Truth Behind a Meeting in Kuwait

The Crude Truth Behind a Meeting in Kuwait

The world's energy markets are anything but free. The more you pay at the pump, the more control you lose.

Like a swarm of cockroaches in a dank motel room, economic danger lurks in the shadows. Turn on the lights... and the crooks behind the deal scatter.

As you read this, the world's oil ministers are holding a secretive meeting in Kuwait. All told, 90% of the world's crude supply is represented at the enclave.

The conclave is proof the oil markets are anything but free.

While your local politician loves to point his crooked finger at the "evil" market manipulators known as speculators, the truth is crude prices are controlled by the countries that pull the stuff from the ground.

What has me so concerned is a fresh level of international corroboration... or should I say coercion. What we see today is bigger than anything OPEC could have ever imagined.

As you and I get ready to shell out five bucks for a gallon of gas, economic enemies are joining hands in the name of oil. Their mission is clear -- create a unified path for the world's energy future.

It's not the free markets at work. It's not supply and demand. And it's certainly not a handful of speculators.

Nope. Today's meeting proves a team of power-crazed politicians controls the world's oil markets. Some of them openly admit their ties to Communism and a yearning for a global government... others keep it close to their vest.

Obama has made sure he is smack dab in the middle of the mess.

It is not a coincidence the White House wrote itself a rosy energy report yesterday to head off the heat sure to come out of this week's meetings in Kuwait.

Among the topics that will draw controversy is the administration's continued lust for electric cars.

Straight from the report (read the last sentence carefully):

By 2015, the United States will be able to produce enough batteries and components to support one million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. In 2009, the U.S. had only two factories manufacturing advanced vehicle batteries. Since then, we have supported 30 new advanced battery and electric vehicle component plants that are opening across the country.

Did you catch that? Your tax dollars are "supporting" over two dozen factories across the country. The free market won't keep these companies alive... but Uncle Sam will.

As always, this energy-market scheme revolves around two things -- money and votes.

And when it comes to money and votes, one company is never far away. General Electric (GE:NYSE) is making a mint as global leaders spin economic fact into fiction.

In fact, thanks to the riches behind the global warming business, the revenue generated by GE's "ecoimagination" segment has eclipsed the $100 billion mark. And get this... its "green" business is the fastest- growing segment in the company.

But you have to spend money to make money...

In 2011, GE spent over $26 million in lobbying efforts. The year before... the tab was just shy of $40 million. It is proof one of the greatest investments you can make is to buy a congressman or two.

But I recently uncovered an investment that is even better. The more governments around the globe manipulate the energy markets, the higher shares of this company will climb.

In fact, since mid-December, shares have already climbed by close to 55%.

Let me show you what is bound to become one of the most popular (if not infamous) charts over the next two years. It shows for every penny gasoline prices climb, the stock I told my Unconventional Wealth subscribers about in December jumps over two and a half times higher.

Dow Jones-UBS Unleaded Gasoline Chart
View larger chart

I would love to tell you that booming share price comes without selling our souls to the devils in Washington. But it's just the opposite. (We're in this stock right beside Nancy Pelosi and George Soros.)

I uncovered this company because I put on my sheep's costume and sat down with my local congressman.

It is probably not something I can get away with too often (politicians like to only speak through "approved" microphones), but what I heard during that meeting was exactly what I suspected.

It doesn't matter what the free market wants. When it comes to fueling America... the government runs the pumps. This company is doing well because Washington wants it to do well.

That is why we will see nothing but fear and manipulation coming out of this week's clandestine meetings in the Mide ast. It's done that way by design.

Energy prices have long been the strings that control our "marionette economy." By dictating how much we pay and, much more importantly, whom we pay, our leaders keep us in their powerful grip.

The slick-talking news anchors will paint an innocent picture of empathy and despair as global leaders meet in Kuwait, but the truth is just the opposite.

In a world where rockets are redefining borders and religious battles kill dozens each day, there's only one thing that can bring enemies to a roundtable... money and power.

Editor's Note: The stock I recommended in December is still a buy. In fact, Washington is about to double down on its efforts. As I write, it's working on legislation that could send shares soaring. Here are the details.

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