I'm Not Going to Lie...

I'm Not Going to Lie...

Once again, I am packing my bags and putting my boots on the ground. There are some great opportunities out there, and I'm heading straight for them.

I'm not going to lie. I'm excited. In fact, my bag is already packed.

I'm a bit of what my friends call a "gearhead." I get excited about the stuff I get to buy when I'm going on a trip, or starting a new sport. This time, I bought a 30-liter pack that is big enough to hold nine days of clothes, a small towel, extra sandals, and even a small netbook, digital camera and all the necessary cords.

Now I'm all set to walk off the plane in Costa Rica and find a ride into San Jose.

You see, at the end of February, I'm headed to Costa Rica to research a couple of ideas for our upcoming Natural Resource Summit in Toronto this April.

We're partnering with one of the best in the business to bring you 2012's must-have resource investment strategies.

I'll tell you all the details, and how you can join us there, in a minute.

Back in 2007-2008, I did a lot of traveling for Insiders Strategy Group. I've taken the less-traveled path and met with representatives from the Casablanca Stock Exchange in Morocco, venture capitalists in Vietnam and businessmen with 30 years' experience in South Africa.

And I've investigated the new members of the European Union with boots-on-the-ground studies in the Czech Republic and Poland, and counted ships in the busy waters around Singapore.

After 2008, the real story was here at home in the U.S. -- with the Wall Street banks and the Washington policymakers.

In response, our executive director Sandy Franks and I wrote Barbarians of Wealth, chronicling the deceit and thievery between Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue that brought about the Great Financial Crisis. We followed that book with Barbarians of Oil after the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

But now, as we head into 2012, I'm once again on the road, looking for the next great investment idea. This time, I think Costa Rica holds a big key to a huge global trend.

Right about now, you might try and tune out. International investment might not be for you. You might think it's too unconventional.

So let me explain that today's global market makes it easier and safer than ever to get offshore and get invested in massive international trends. That means "international" investments might be a simple as buying a U.S. company with growing global sales.

And that's why I'm traveling to Costa Rica just before the Natural Resource Summit. Resources travel the world and land in the markets where there is the most demand. Increasingly, those places are emerging markets like China, India and even the Middle East.

That doesn't mean demand from developed countries disappears. In fact, the resources I'll be talking about in Toronto this April are seeing huge global demand -- even from developed economies in Europe and North America.

And supplies aren't able to keep up.

I'm talking about resources like coffee, sugar and alcohol.

Did you know that in the last growing season, demand for sugar outstripped supplies by 15 million tons? Or that coffee is the second largest beverage segment in the U.S.? (The first is soft drinks -- which puts even more pressure on sugar.) Or that wine consumption in China has been growing 20% a year on average since 2006?

It's these opportunities that make international -- and unconventional -- investments true wealth-builders.

That's why I'm putting these commodities right alongside the gold, silver and energy commodities that are going to be highlighted at the Natural Resources Summit. Don't get me wrong... I'm a commodities bull in general. We're long oil in Macro Trader.

But resources like coffee, sugar and alcohol are playing on a different kind of global demand, and they are often overlooked by traditional commodity investors.

Let me give you an example. The trading volume for April gold futures was 21,469 last Thursday. March coffee futures have a trading volume of only 13,689. And oil dwarfs them both with March futures trading volume of 134,038!

The potential in these overlooked resources is huge.

I'll be presenting opportunities in all three areas at April's Natural Resource Summit in Toronto.

I told you before that we're partnering with one of the best in the business. I'm talking about Rick Rule, chairman of Global Resource Investments, Ltd. This company manages billions in gold and other natural resource sectors.

Rick is going to join us in Toronto, April 29-May 2, at the York Hotel, and offer our guests specific strategies for investing in natural resources.

Want to know how much of your portfolio should be in gold? Ask Rick. Want to find the next great prospects in precious metals? Rick's field of geologists and engineers are hunting them down as we speak.

Rick's knowledge will make this Natural Resource Summit one of the most exclusive and profitable tickets in 2012.

You'll want to reserve your spot as soon as you can, as space is limited.

See you there!

Editor's Note: In his latest issue of Unconventional Wealth, Aaron Snyder unveils IRS Form 590. Thanks to this virtually unknown strategy, you can now invest directly in foreign assets through an IRA. If you want to retire rich, follow his simple eight-step plan. Here's a link to some of his other alternative investment strategies...

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