The Biggest Fear on Wall Street

The Biggest Fear on Wall Street

Risk is building to unprecedented levels. Despite three years of intervention and regulation... the worst is yet to come.

There is a new fear on Wall Street. It is a fear of the big one... the fault that could bring down an overleveraged house of cards.

We saw a glimpse of it in 2008. One failure created many.

But too many investors were sucked into the political gimmicks. They thought Washington fixed the problem. New rules and trillions of dollars, they believed, would surely get the system back in order.

Washington failed and the plague spread across the planet.

The failure at MF Global proves systemic risk is alive and well. What's worse, it has climbed to the top. Now we have entire currencies and the economies they represent on deathwatch.

Who will rescue the rescuer?

Remember... the failure at MF Global was supposed to be impossible. Washington said so. Yet, customer assets disappeared right alongside the firm's assets as its big bets went sour.

"The system has held up until now," a former director at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission told The Wall Street Journal. "This is a black eye."

The system worked... until it didn't. And now, $1.2 billion in customer cash is missing.

There is added pressure on government regulators. They need to figure out how long the dike will hold. How long can the insurers cover their losses? How long can a broken government backstop a failed industry?

The answers are not good. We're running out of time.

Get this... 97 banks failed last year. The largest represented over $3 billion in assets.

This year is likely to be just as bleak. Right now, there are over 150 banks one quake away from collapse.

But there is a way to take advantage of all this... but you can't invest the way you used to.

What if I told you that some of the banks in the middle of this collapse are lining their shareholders' pockets with cash? It makes sense... after all, the government cherry-picks who gets what. Figure out who is on the "friendlies" list and you've got yourself a winner.

That is why I am so proud to be part of something really big... something entirely unconventional.

You see, later this week we will pull the curtain on a project we've been working on for the past 10 months. It's the result of some of the industry's finest research and insight.

To get it started, I've personally sat down with hedge fund managers, investment bankers, historians... and even politicians.

I am convinced we have created something that will change the way you invest. No longer will you dread the dire news on the state of our economy. The market's day-to-day action will have little effect on your wealth. I am certain of it.

If the system collapses... so what. If another broker fails... so what.

Let 'em all fall. We'll be outside the devastation.

When we officially release this new product on Thursday, please don't think you have to forget everything you've been told. That's not the case. But I do want you to understand you've only been told a fraction of the story.

Conventional wisdom is not wrong... but it's not right, either.

It's like an old black-and-white TV. When clouds move in and the picture fades... the set is not broke. Just move the antenna -- it only takes a slight adjustment.

The way you create wealth is no different. When the conventional fails... adjust your strategy.

It's time for the unconventional.

P.S. Did you know there are a slew of "unconventional" investments -- that are highly liquid and incredibly reliable -- that have flat-out creamed the markets over the past decade? If not... we'll reveal everything you need to know on Thursday.

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